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Marc Moss was born and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia. He began playing music when he was 7 years old inspired by seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Long time singer songwriter, he most recently he was the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter in “Angel Band”. Last year Marc toured the US with David Bromberg recording and mixing Bromberg’s latest album “Use Me”. On this new album, he worked closely with Levon Helm, Los Lobos, Vince Gill, Linda Ronstadt, Dr. John to name a few.

Ency Austin was born in Catskill, NY and sang while doing the dishes since seven years old. She LOVES her fiddle almost as much as she loves Marc. This is her first time recording... and up until then... was the girl who always wanted to sing while sitting backstage watching others.


Music doesn’t get much more touching and homemade than it is in the hands of this singer songwriting duo comprised of Catskill Mountain born Ency Austin and her West Virginian husband, Marc Moss. Just a happy twosome, vocalists and multi instrumentalists "The Mosstins" make an impact with this tasty listen of a 2 track sampler. Sounds like the sweet fragrance of whole wheat bread fresh out of the oven. Full length CD to be released in spring 2013.

  • Hi everyone,

    We headed to the streets last night during our latest Hudson Valley snow storm and sang the 1964 Pete Seeger song "Snow Snow". Hope you enjoy and if you do, feel free to share! (just sayin')

    Wishing everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year!


    The Mosstins

    Pete Seeger's "Snow Snow"- The Mosstins

  • Sandy Denny's "Who Knows Where the Time Goes"-The Mosstins

  • "Squirrel Fookin' Time"-The Mosstins

  • "High on a Mountain" (Olabelle Reed) - The Mosstins

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